Designer & Entrepreneur

Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou is a designer from Greece with 5 years of experience in designing digital products. His studies on graphic design helped him develop great conceptual, typographic and visualizing skills. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in graphic design.

Dimosthenis has been working as a product designer for the past four years and has collaborated in various projects for a wide range of companies from Pharmaceutical to Financial and Automotive.

He is a firm believer of remote working and a future where everyone could create things and drive results from every corner on the earth using the help of technology. He strongly believes in collaboration over competition and enjoys collaborating with teams and individuals from all over the globe.


For the past five years Dimosthenis has inputted all his knowledge and skills in conceptualizing, designing and delivering top-notch digital products for a wide range of brands. He likes to focus on creating new digital products, interactive and brand experiences, design concepts and prototypes. He has collaborated with teams in order to deliver global products for brands focusing on industries such as Financial, Pharmaceutical, e-Commerce, Automotive, Tech and more. The diversity of the teams he collaborated with, the clients he worked for, the products, the markets and the goals, offered him a chance to experiement with technologies, tools and learn how to design for web, mobile and all sorts of digital platforms.


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